Useful Information and Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of questions people have about demolition, asbestos removal and associated regulations or Shire requirements. We have gathered together some of the commonly asked questions to provide useful information for people considering demolition or related works. Please note that the answers should be treated as a general guide only.

How long does the demolition process take?
Obviously each case is different, but generally speaking a residential demolition takes about 1 week. However, rat-baiting must be performed a minimum of 2 weeks beforehand, with 2-3 days of manual stripping thereafter. Therefore, you could allow for 4 weeks after acceptance of quote, depending on workload and Shire processing of licences etc.
Is removal of Asbestos included?
There is very often some Asbestos removal involved in pre-1989 buildings. Removal of Asbestos is included in our Quotes, unless inspection reveals an unusually large amount, in which case removal will be quoted separately.
Is stump removal included when trees are on the site?
Yes, but note that Palm trees incur an extra cost. Where trees are close to a fence line, water meters or main sewer etc. we generally recommend stump grinding rather than complete removal.
What about Septic tanks and leach drains etc?
Removal of septic tanks, leach drains and associated plumbing is included in our quotes, as is backfill with clean sand. Note that pumping out of full septics is NOT included in quotes.
Who is responsible for disconnection of Power and Gas?
We will organise these works but it is the client's responsibility to have these accounts closed and to bear the cost of disconnection fees.
Is my fencing protected while demolition takes place?
We make every effort to protect your fencing, but no responsibility will be taken if damage occurs due to the nature of this type of work. Removal of large trees within a metre of fencing will often cause damage (see question above re: stump grinding).
Is there a 'Verge' bond?
We will organise this with the Shire when applying for the Demolition Licence, the cost must be borne by the client. Every effort will be made to ensure no damage occurs to the verge but no responsibility can be taken due to the nature of this work.
Is removal of Swimming Pools part of your service?
Yes, pool removal can be included in our quote. These works will be fully back-filled with clean sand and compacted according to guidelines. A Compaction Certificate will be provided by an accredited company.
After demolition, will my site be cleared completely?
Yes, the site will be cleared of all rubble and raked to a minimum of 600mm-800mm, basically ready to begin building.
Are safety precautions taken while demolition works are carried out?
Yes. Temporary fencing will be erected with all relevant signage in clear view. Water will be used to reduce dust. A Demolition Notification is also issued to any neighbours that may be affected.
Do you offer other services that may be required alongside demolition?
Yes - Preferred offer a wide range of ancilliary services including, but not limited to: Sewer works (especially for Subdivision conditions), Drainage / Soakwells / Downpipes, Driveways & Concreting, Fencing & Retaining Walls, Roof Works & Guttering, Asbestos inspection & disposal, Sand /Road Base supply for access ways, Site Clearances and more.